Friday, February 19, 2010

After a long time i came back on writing a blog but the topic is still same that is SEO. Today i will going to share my few experience on SEO using social media marketing.

In today's world as i have already discussed things are getting more and more competitive. In every staircase of life promotion plays a big role. Either it is a bollywood movie or a product launched by any brand new company, all needs promotion. It is basically to make people aware about their services and products, how good are they from others and how their product or service will going to help you out.

Now in such a situation where around 25.6% of world's population spent quality time with internet, a need of interconnecting platform called social media comes into play. In initial stage it is meant for communicating with old friends and making new friends across the web. The profiles are organised in a user friendly manner. Facebook, myspace and orkut are one of the big example of those and we are all aware about that. But when they gain brand image and became popular among the web, it emerges as a biggest platform for promotion and getting wide range of traffics. People started to believe that if they can create a buzz within these places then they can channelize their target customers towards their product, and this idea gives birth to exploitation of social media platform.

Lets discuss how these platform get derailed from their actual idea of serving people towards a business promotion and how it is hampering the users of social media.

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